Wedges are part of the iron family and share many similar qualities to the lofted shorter irons.  Used golf wedges come in many lofts and bounces.  In the iron set the #PW is considered both a wedge and iron as is all of the wedges in a players golf set.  

Wedges are designed to help golfers get loft on delicate shots around the green and when a player gets near the golf hole.

Wedges come in many lofts and sizes. Common lofts are 52 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees.  The 56 degree wedge is commonly referred to as the sand wedge because is it designed to work well out of sand bunkers.

Wedges are also known by name pitching wedge 46-48 degrees, utility/gap wedge 50-52 degrees, sand wedge 56 degrees and lob wedge 60 degrees.  There is also a class of wedges called super lob which have degrees of 64+.

Variations of wedges by loft are available for precise shots, wedges can also be custom bent to any loft to accommodate any golfers desired distance of shot.

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