Hybrids are relatively new to golf and they have become very popular in the last 10 years.  Used golf hybrids come in many different lofts.

Hybrids are a cross between a lofted fairway and an iron, thus the name Hybrid.  For many golfers, hitting a longer iron is very difficult and hybrids were introduced to solve this problem.

Unlike lower lofted irons like #1 irons and #2 irons, hybrids have larger heads and are designed like fairways to get the golf ball up in the air off the grass turf.  Hybrids are not as long as fairways so they are normally easier to hit.

For many players hybrids have made the game of golf more enjoyable and easy to play. Hybrids now are made in many lofts and lengths, you can even get a whole set of hybrids to replace a traditional iron set.

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