Golf drivers are the longest clubs in length and have the largest club heads in a set of golf clubs.  Drivers are used primarily to tee off on the start of a long hole like a par 4 or par 5.  Drivers are long in length to create speed and low in loft to hit the golf ball long distances. Used golf drivers come in many shapes and lofts. 

Drivers come in many shapes and sizes and are designed to work with different players.  When selecting a driver a player needs to know how fast they swing the driver and if they hit the driver high in the air or low in the air. To much height and the ball will land and not roll forward for more distance, not enough height and the ball will lose more energy on the ground then in the air, you have to optimize your driver for your swing and game. 

The modern driver is predominantly made out of titanium alloy and many models have adjustable club heads to help custom fit the golfer. 

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