Iron Sets

Golf irons are usually made up of multiple golf clubs and are sold in a set.  Irons are designed to make the golf ball go different, more precise distances.  Golf irons make up a very important part of a set of used golf clubs.

Irons sets are usually made up of longer, lower lofted irons #2,#3 & #4 irons, then a group of mid irons, #5, #6, #7, and  a set of short irons, #8, #9, #PW.  

The PW stands for pitching wedge and is most lofted and shortest of all the irons and is designed to go higher and not as far as the other irons. Irons sets are made progressively longer from the #PW to the #2 iron.

There are many customized options and set ups for creating the best golf irons depending on the player. #1 irons were very popular at one time but are now an oddity in golf, Utility or Gap Wedges, Sand Wedges and Lob Wedges are considered to be part of a iron set.  A full set of irons could be #1 iron to PW, GW, SW, LW making a full set 13 clubs! 

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